The Design Services at Heather's Jewelry allow you to create unique piece of jewelry with exceptional quality. Our design software allows us to create any design you can imagine... Create a one of a kind piece or the perfect engagement ring. Tell us an idea that inspires you and we’ll be able to help you take that idea and make it into the real thing!


Why should you have something custom designed?

  • You want something specific, but can’t find the exact style in a store.
  • You like pieces and parts of different rings and necklaces but can't find the one piece that has it all. We can put all your ideas into one style for you!
  • You want to create a wedding band that matches the curve of your engagement ring or want to incorporate a design detail to match.
  • You have a bunch of passed down jewelry that's not really your style but you want to use the stones and create something new!
  • You own a ring or pair of earrings and want to create a matching necklace.




Check Out Our Custom Before & After Transformations!



Amazing One Of A Kind Designs! What will your design look like?

"You are only limited by your imagination..."

Heather's Jewelry

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